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14 August 2005



OLN is owned by Ed Snider, who is also part owner of the Philadelphia Flyers. Since the channel is owned by a hockey guy, my take on this is that OLN will treat hockey much better than ESPN ever did. ESPN is owned by the Disney Corporation, whose primary focus is to make little kids happy.
From what we heard at the initial "game on" NHL press conference, and from what we know about OLN's outstanding coverage of the Tour de France, it looks like television viewers will get a better look at the sport than ever before. Different camera angles, more player interviews, having the players "miked up", etc.
Also, from what I've been hearing, Snider plans to start out with showing games on OLN, and eventually have an all hockey channel, similar to Canada's NHL Network.

Personally, I'm glad that the NHL and ESPN are separated. The only things ESPN cares about are poker, college football and college basketball (in that order).


sorry.... let's not forget that far too often, the "NHL game of the week" was relegated to ESPN2, which isn't in as many homes as ESPN. Perhaps, then, the exposure isn't going to drop at all with the shift to OLN.
Still though, the point is that OLN wants the NHL and ESPN doesn't.

Kathy  in Lancaster, New York

Hey..if the Sabres want to enjoy some time in Florida, and maybe not play so hard, they are entitled. They are at the top of the League, every team they play is out for blood, and they can't be up for playing hard every night. I don't think it's time to start criticizing. They are still the best in the league until the standing say different!

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