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10 August 2005



I agree that Osgood will be good for Detroit for the reasons you listed. I think it would be interesting to see them platoon Legace and Osgood, but something tells me that the Legace will be doing most of the goaltending.
I'm kinda baffled at the lack of interest shown in CuJo. The Bolts really screwed up by missing the opportunity to pick him up. I don't know what was going through their collective head when they signed Sean "I beat my wife" Burke. On a good day, he's a marginal keeper.

As far as the tickets in Dee-troit, although they didn't lower prices, they are offering season ticket holders "Joe Bucks". 5% of the money they spent on season tickets will be reverted to them in the form of vouchers which can be redeemed on game nights for concessions or team apparel. I think it's a pretty neat concept, but when their fans look around the league and see the kickbacks other teams are offering, I don't blame them for being mad. To use my Hurricanes as an example, my seats were discounted 20%, and in some cases the discount was 32%. Those of us who had money on account for the duration of the lock-out are getting additional kickbacks for next season as well.

Good job with the blog, by the way!


yea, the waitlist for season tickets has 14,000 names on it. i think if i put my name on the list now i can have season tix just in time for retirement!

Gordon Miller

Breaking News (4/27/2002): Isles Captain Michael Peca will miss the rest of the playoffs and the beginning of the 2002-03 season after tearing an ACL ligament in his left knee thanks to a dirty hit by Leafs Forward Darcy Tucker.

Clipping was instituted as a rule in the National Hockey League in 2002, following a low hit on 26 April by Toronto Maple Leafs forward Darcy Tucker on New York Islanders captain Michael Peca. The hit occurred during a Stanley Cup playoff matchup between the two teams, and Peca was unable to play for the remainder of the season. When the NHL added the new rule, the videotape distributed by the league showed the hit as an example of a clipping penalty that would result in an automatic game misconduct.
Clipping is a penalty in the sport of ice hockey. A player is generally assessed a minor penalty for clipping, unless an injury is caused, in which case a major penalty and a misconduct or game misconduct will result. Clipping is generally recognized as hitting an opposing player at or below the player's knees.

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